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By Shreya Joshi

May your thoughts be as pure,

May your weather be as bright,

When you’ve reached the end of a road,

You climb a wall and feel infinite.

May you pick up sand in your hand,

And throw the grains into the sky,

And instead of falling back down on earth.

Gravity those very grains - defy.

May these little grains of sand,

Float and hobble around like confetti,

May despite their lack of colour,

They inspire those who are ready.

And may you wear black and white,

Yet have the confidence you get from red.

May you simply smile on the outside

But are jumping from joy on the inside instead.

May the universe hold you in an embrace,

Tell you it always has your back.

May you look up into a starry sky,

And find it to be glitter on a background of black.

May your thoughts be as pure,

As a stream in a dense forest that has never been touched by human hand.

May your weather be as bright,

As a winter day when the sun decides, today I’ll make people leave their houses with picnic packs.

By Shreya Joshi

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