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By Rakshita Murugan

When I wept in search of thee,

Thou lent me a sight of thy perpetual light. Awoken, I crawled up the precipice, but stumbled into a realm of incandescence. Methought I was at Death's door, but then chanced upon thy shadow lapping waves of brilliance upon my feet.

My eyes wept the waters of all holy rivers,

But Thou held me in thy limitless Arms and imparted to me, the wisdom of Dharma.

I torched myself with the yardstick of truth,

burning thy Temple, and in surrendering to nothingness, I found thy sanctuary, and thee glowing with more resplendence; Thy smile soared the knowledge of my goodness and sins, nudging mine own Judgment of my actions. In my utmost repentance, Thou forgave me with indelible peace.

O' Paragon of Thought, at the beginning of thy guidance I found the last treasure of absolute mercy— Now the ciphered cosmos dawns upon me in conceivable symbols.

By Rakshita Murugan

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