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Updated: Dec 20, 2023

By Ruhani Kothari

One created by mistakes,

That turns itself into a masterpiece,

One that soothes one’s eyes, one’s ears,

And puts one’s mind at ease…

One that is melodious,

Filled with harmony,

One that is calm 

To create new thoughts 

To end one’s harms…

Art, the beauty to life,

That can be found 

Anywhere and everywhere searched.

Art is music 

Art is dance

The illusion that drives 

A person to trance….

The light to darkness,

The hope to vain,

The art that drives 

One’s mind insane…

It carries one’s thoughts

And memories and pain

That helps overcome fears

And accept one’s faith…

Paint down their ideas

And sing out their grief 

To make an eternal tune 

Created piece by piece…

Like an ocean formed drop by drop

Words rushing that never stop….

Art is the life given by God

To the bland things in the world 

To make it a better place 

For the ones who brighten it up with grace….

By Ruhani Kothari

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