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By Diwanshi Singh

be flexible, they say

be please-able

amicable, peaceable

pacific, conciliatory

mollify-able, at appease,

sufferable, sustainable

be able to be borne

in control, be innocuous

be ardent, secure, vehement

be credulous, simple

be everything that ‘you’ wish to be


i am not them.

why can’t i be cold

callous, hard-hearted

affectless, desensitized

inhumane, insolent

pitiless, harsh

conjuring, phantom-like

unfeeling, remorseless

indurate, non-accepting

inflamed, raging

poisonous, vicious

evil, eccentric

a ‘negative’ in its all sense

limitless negative


why do i need to be good

and not bad?

why do i need to be pristine

and not contaminated?

why do i need to be sophisticated

and not vulgar?

why should i learn to be kind

and not ignorant?

why do i need to be au courant

and not shabby?

i may be a human.

a shallow one.

i am not warm-blooded.

criminal tendencies surround me,

wanting to burn walls around me,

and escape them

to somewhere


where i can sleep

silently and completely.

By Diwanshi Singh

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