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8 Minutes Apart

Updated: Feb 23

By Rachana Murthy

Let me tell you a tale that is old as time

A love story between celestial bodies heart wrenching yet sublime

This fable knows no beginning nor end so l'm not quite sure where to start

But so it goes that the lovers happen to be planets apart

The hero is the sun and the sky his beloved lady

The sea is his mistress, dear heavens, the affair is quite shady

The sun is bright , robust, charming and bold

A great competitor to Midas for everything his rays touch glimmer like gold

The whimsical sky dressed in clouds of white and pastel shades

Serenely overlooks the dewy emerald glades

The suns golden rays touch the sky at golden hour

And so she blushes and beams like an enchanted lotus flower

And when he warms her with his embrace the bluebirds celebrate with a Merry tune

Although he is blissful in the morning he is harsh and scorching by noon

When he's away she screams in thunder and cries in rain

She howls in wind and goes quite insane

But as soon as he's back she has a rainbow smile

And so they dance away around the sun dial

They're perpetually morphing into something new

And each moment is a piece of art painted with another emotion or hue

But as the evening draws near

The sky grows cold and shivers with fear

For the day is ending and its time for the sun to bid her goodbye

Oh how she wishes, so fast time wouldn't fly by

Her cheeks flare up and burn ruby red with jealousy

When she sees the sun kissing the sparkling sapphire sea

And as the sun's rays dance on the waves to look like a raging fire

The sky is heartbroken as her lover turned out to be a cheater and a liar

Into the dark abyss she miserably flees

Wondering in dismay what the sun sees in the sea

" you deserve someone who is loyal to you like I am" says her secret admirer Sirius

But the sky won't heed to any sane advice for love has made her delirious

She cries and complains to the sun’s twin sister the moon

Artemis soothes and pacifies her saying that he'll come back soon

The sky loves the sun so madly That in hopes of his return she adorns herself with constellations gladly

And just like that, at the break of dawn

Her broken heart is healed and all her pain is gone

For sun has returned, just like how the moon had prophesied

And he has brought the sky billows of pastel clouds to compensate for his shameful deed

The scintillating sun begs for another chance

The sky eagerly accepts and hence a new day and the same romance

This cycle repeats itself till there is no sun nor a sky

And then life on Mother Earth shall too bid it's final goodbye

By Rachana Murthy

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