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53 Days And An Ant

By Rajendra Galagali

Hello everyone back at everything after long time there is a huge gap of 53 days for not so known serious reasons and when I think about this long gap of almost two months as an individual and as a leader of a group, I have learnt many things as a human being or as a professional person (knowingly or unknowingly)

In this period, I had some important personal commitments which were like the most important to me. At one of these commitments, I spent almost a week with kids of age 5-12. The age in which we had always tried to enjoy ourselves more than anything, wherever it might be and whatever we might be doing we always tried to find some fun elements in that and fill it with happiness. With growing we lose that curiosity of a child which finds at least some joy irrespective of the situation.

During an interview Aussies cricketer Mathew Hayden told Dhoni is like that four- to five-year-old child who goes around finding joy in the serious of the serious things, if the person who had pressure by 130 crore people of winning every game, he played can do this the why can't I? Was the question which hit me hard.

When I was going through some of the books, I came across the concept of comparing our personalities to the animals and finding similarities. When I came across this, I started thinking about what animal I want to be if not human.

I started off with Lion

Do I want to be the king of jungle? The answer was no

Then came to Elephant

Do I want to be the biggest of all? The answer was no

Then it was about Tiger

Do I want to the strongest? The answer was no

Then was Cheetah

Do I want to be the fastest? The answer was no

Then I thought about Wolf

Do I want to the smartest? The answer was no

After all the regressive thinking of two to three hours I couldn't find the answer for myself.

But after some time, I got the answer neither I wanted to be the king nor the strongest I wanted to be an ANT who never stops at any obstacle and tries to find the new way every time he is stuck and who never stops fighting and keeps on going.

This blog might be a small one but it has come out of the heart in very genuine way. It is specially for my team which is going through immense self-doubt and working crisis. My advice is just be that small and stubborn ANT which never gives up.

And finally singing off by saying be brutally honest with your work always and all the time.

By Rajendra Galagali

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