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24 Hours

By Harsha Peddada

Roll camera! Sound! Lights! Clap! Action!!

"It may be you or me, we can live on this earth only till we have some grains left. Because, death is neither our hostile nor life's our ally," saying that, she was looking at the camera keenly like a cheetah.

Then, "cut," cheered the director.

When sitara (actress) was relaxing, "Well done ma'am! Extraordinary!" Director stood up from his chair and by reaching her, he gave her a shake hand.

"Thank you, director sir. There is strength in the character, so the actors also got strength from it. Writers are the creators, actors are just created by them. So, all the credit goes to the writer."

Then, two persons came to the set, "hello," they called.

Seeing them, "yeah? Who are you?" Director asked.

Then, a guy among them, "we are police, in civil dress actually," replied and they showed their id cards.

"Oh ok, how can I help you sir?" Director asked.

"Can we talk to sitara mam?" They asked.

"Oh, she is relaxing actually, what's the matter? You can tell me," director asked.

"No sir, it's confidential. Please call her, we'll wait here," saying that, they went alongside.

Then, after 5 minutes, the policemen met sitara in her caravan.

"Yes, go ahead sir," sitara asked them.

"Two days back, a child who was going to school, came to the police station," saying that, the police switched on a voice recording.

A kid in the recording said, "My mom left me,"

Then sitara got little bit shocked and asked, "what's the connection between the child coming to police station and police coming to me?"

Taking a deep breath, the police continued to play the recording.

"Who's your mother? Where does she live?" Some people were questioning him.

"Her name is sitara, uncle. She's an actress,"

Then, the recording was over. Sharpness in the policemen eyes, and shock in sitara's eyes were clearly seen.

"What nonsense? What is he even talking about? And do you even know who I am? Sitara! A star heroine! I didn't even get married! And how could I have a son? This is ridiculous! Someone's trying to trap me! That's it!" She yelled furiously.

"We are sorry mam, we asked him many times, but the boy is showing your picture and telling your name repeatedly. So, we thought it would be better if some DNA tests are conducted,"

"Hey? Are you mad? Why should I prove to someone? I'll not accept for such tests!!" She yelled this time with even more anger.

"Mam, women welfare associations and human rights commission were standing in support to him.

So, before the matter reaches the media, if we just conduct the tests and prove, then, it'll be better,"

"I don't even have an idea about what's going on here?" She screamed.

"Mam, just a single test. Before the matter becomes public, it's better to sort out." They tried to convince her.

After thinking a few minutes, sitara said, "ok, where's the child?"

In the hospital, with a white shirt and a blue trouser on, rahul (child) sat on the chair very cutely, looking here and there.

Then, the police reached there along with sitara.

Sitara covered her face with a scarf, so that no one could recognise her. Seeing them, rahul came running towards them with a smile and said,

"Mama! You're here!!"

"Hey! Just leave me! Who's your mom?" Sitara pushed him away.

"Mam! Please! Behave yourself, he is just a small kid and moreover this is a hospital. So, stay calm for a while." Police warned her.

Then, four of them went into a room.

Rahul stood silently at the corner of the room.

Sitara went to him and asked, "what's your name?"

"You only named me and again you are asking my name mama?" He asked very innocently.

"Hey? Who said that I am your mom? Haa?"

"I am your son and I'm telling you, you are my mom,"

Sitara got very irritated with his words and turned to police, saying, "sir, he's behaving too smart. I saw him just now, believe me,"

"But, he is calling you 'mom,' mam," policeman said.

"So, let's go for the test first, saying that, policemen looked at sitara, Sitara was looking at rahul and rahul was looking at floor with his head bent.

Next day morning,

With a tensed mood sitara sat on a chair in the doctor's room. Beside her, rahul with a peaceful mood was looking at the pictures in the room.

Then, room door was opened.

Taking deep breaths, sitara turned her head and sees policemen entering the room with reports.

Standing up, "satisfied now? At least now you realised that I have no connection with the kid." She looked straight into their eyes.

Then, police took the child near to her and said, "sorry mam, DNA reports are saying that you are this kid's mom," sitara got shocked by their words.

Then rahul immediately jumped on to sitara, and kissing her cheek, he said, "Mamaa!"

Sitara stood there silently. Rahul was repeatedly calling her, "Mama!! Mamaa!"

Then sitara looking at him asks, "where's your dad?"

Then policeman, "he is admitted in this hospital only mam,"

"Then, take me to him sir, I'll also know what drama is going on here," she freaked out.

Then, they four reached to a cancer ward.

They opened a room and there laid a man named jay on the bed.

Holding rahul's hand, sitara took rahul to jay.

"Thara? You came? Knowing that I am a cancer patient, you left me. Along with me, you left our kid too.

That is ok, if you leave me, but please don't leave him. Without a father and even a mother, if he becomes an orphan, then," without finishing his words, jay turned his head and tears rolled down his eyes.

Sitara was looking into jay's eyes and unknowingly tears rolled down her eyes too.

Then, rahul went to jay and wiped his eyes with his little hands. Holding sitara's hand, he took her nearer to jay, and said, "Mama! I want papa and I want you too!"

Policemen went away from the room.

After 24 hours,

Two policemen came to the hospital and reached jay. Sitara and rahul were with him.

Then, one of them, "is it okay for you jay? Is your desire fulfilled now?"

Sitara got confused by their words,

With a smile on his face, "yes sir! Thank you for everything," jay replied.

Sitara was looking at them with a confusion.

Then, police came to sitara and said,

"Sorry mam, this was just a drama," sitara was shocked by their words.

Then, jay started saying, "I am actually a cancer patient. Even though, I'm recovering, the thought that I am going to die made me so worse. So, I had a last wish about being your husband for a day," he said.

Then policeman said, "so, we planned this. We are very sorry mam, we've troubled you so much. But, it's very sure that, just because of you, he's very happy today. And he'll get better soon."

"Oh my god! You people scared the shit out of me! And seeing them very sad, even I was not able to utter a single word since yesterday.

"I am very sorry, sitara mam," jay said.

Looking at him, she just gave a smile and said, "you will recover very soon,"

Rahul stood silently at the corner of the room, sitara went to him, hugged him and kissed him, "byee,"

she waved to them. Then, looking at the policemen she said, "okay, I'll leave then,"

"Ok mam! Thank you for everything," they said.

Then sitara left the room. Rahul stood there, still looking at the floor.

Then, the two policemen went to the doctor and said, "thank you doctor,"

"Why?" The doctor asked them.

"Because, you made the DNA reports of them to match with each other. So, we are thankful to you." they said.

"No! Sitara's DNA was actually matched with the kid's DNA." Doctor said.

The two policemen got shocked by his words and looked at each other surprisingly.

By Harsha Peddada

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wasim shaik
wasim shaik
May 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Awesome Writing and i can visualise everything what you are narrating. Story telling awesome.

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