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By Abhishek Kumar Anmol

Have you heard my voice?

You heard say loudly my voice

Keep in dept to touch my heart

It should down and see again and again to see my heart

It feels like a body should get cold like the cloud

Keep my secret when you can smear loud

It is seen like the thundering

It steps of feet like a wandering

Have you heard my voice? To never seen and feel like again

To be shy always feel happpppie

To be in shape always feel coooooool

It loves of up and down loop of

Burning flames….

High loops heal

It loves of soar and waves of

High flows feel

Lightening glooms

Have you heard my voice? To help for the reason of remission again

Not someone flies away like a bird

Not somebody saw away like a hummingbird.

Bir…..d b……ird to be high in the sky

B……ird in the lone in the sky.

It is seen in the open cloud

And feel a painful voice in my waves

Have you heard my voice?

Listen in the open cloud

Have you heard my voice……? Voice……voice……

By Abhishek Kumar Anmol

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