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Wishful Thoughts

By Devin Aceton

The faint world hid behind the mist,

Twinkles in a lonely night sky, 

The air seemed intoxicated with love, 

Or was it just I?

The mufflers huh me warmly, 

The scarlet hues hiding my blood rush, 

My wish to be held in his arms, 

Will he? Or will I be crushed? 

His fingers rested on my limbs, 

My flesh burned under his gentle touch.

Inched closer to him, I felt safe, 

Ignoring my heart’s harsh nudge. 

He imbued me with hope, 

His words, I followed like an oath. 

Admiration grew into Infatuation, 

Which blossomed into love.

The meticulous facade had slipped away, 

As the streetlights glimmered,

This soft smile on my face, 

And a heart that painfully yearned, 

You’d never spare me a glance, I knew. 

I was just a star in your sky,

And the nights turned cold. 

These tears seemed my only comfort, 

With nothing but my pillow to hold. 

And when I fell in love, I fell with my soul, 

And now that you’re not here, I fear I’m soulless. 

So this last request of mine, will you adhere?

Treat it with delicacy, let it not suffer the cruelty my heart fears.

By Devin Aceton

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