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“The Fathomless Abyss”

Updated: Sep 20

By Rajanigandha Sakle

Sleepless beneath the midnight sky

Homeless and starved they wander.

Careless others close their eyes

To sleep in a dreamless slumber.

Fearless few fight the battle

Selfless, to lessen the sorrows.

Thoughtless others mock their labour

With senseless, sarcastic arrows.

Ceaseless, they burn the midnight oil

To find flawless solutions.

Mindless others keep the iron hot

With their endless speculations.

Aimless, they while away the time

In empty, useless pursuit.

Determined few relentlessly toil

Restless, for the efforts to yield fruit.

Helpless, they desperately yearn

For a touch, harmless and kind.

Hopeless few await their fate

Peerless and quarantined.

Mirthless laughter rings around

In cheerless celebrations.

Tearless heart grieves within

With painless, numb sensations.

Clueless, they pray for a ray of hope

In the fathomless abyss of distance.

Futile, fruitless endeavours

To preserve their priceless existence.

By Rajanigandha Sakle

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