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Silent Goodbye

Updated: Feb 12

By Damien Basumatary

Verse 1:

The tide's getting high;

I'm scared for my life.

Am I gonna die,

without a goodbye?

Pre- Chorus:

'cause I wanna hold your hands

As I feel so cold when it rains

Verse 2:

It's sad, but It's true:

this life, I don't rule.

Like, what did I do,

so black and so blue.

Bridge 1:

Can you really hold my head-

say it's alright?

Verse 3:

But I  wanna die,

Oh no, don't you cry.

Girl please, don't be sad,

even though I've died.


Let me hold your hands

It's so cold when it rains

I might go insane

As this doesn't end

Verse 4:

My love, don't you frown.

Could you lay me down?

I know, you're in pain 

But we'll meet again. 

Bridge 2:

I'm sorry, I hurt you,

I wouldn't want to

And I have loved you

Always, and it's true.

Verse 5:

As everyone dies

Just bid me goodbye

with your pretty smiles

Oh no, don't be shy


Let me hold your hands

for the last time

Hold on to my hands

for the last time

Even when it rains

for the last time

Let me hold your hands

for the last time

Let me hold your hands

By Damien Basumatary

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