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She Forgot To Say " Bye Forever'

By Dharmesh Bhuptani

It was morning as usual .

Bright light percolating 

Through the unkempt trees

Of my orchard.

Reflecting the unkempt self 

That i had become.

The rays bouncing here and there

And the once beautiful orchard

Sighing in past glory.

Yet there was peace !

But uneasy peace !

A longing that remains

Of la ove unlived.

A rustle unfamiliar

Made me turn and lo behold !

An angel descended slowly

Her somewhat tattered flying carpet.

A smile was all i needed .

From the damaged carpet she gave.

As she alighted , grace in person

The perfume spread far and wide .

With a confidence only a friend

Can demand of ! 

' I wish to stay a bit, 

My carpet seems tired .' 

I smiled at the euphemism as I saw

Her tired eyes and smile.

' You are welcome ,' I say

In this wretched heart of an orchard.

Long gone is it's glory

Yet the warmth you may feel.

Enjoy your stay

What more can I say. '

The Hut of my soul was barren

But offered I to her.

' Stay as you please friend

I can live under the tree. '

Magician she must be, 

For morning rays brought

New fragrance 

Lost forever in my memory.

I peeped into that soul of a hut

And dreamland it was turned into.

There she was 

Most elegant and charming !

But from the corner of my eye

I saw the carpet healing .

But where do I have time

To notice it's preparation.

She talked and talked

Her journey through time.

I saw her bruises ,

For the love she spread

And I saw her strength

In the fight she gave.

A peace reigned in her eyes still

And caught me unawares.

My soul was entwined ,

It lay bare and  open

She can see it, and soothe it

At her whim and fancy.

I listened and listened

Her voice became mine.

Her dreams were lofty

And yet so real.

She held my hand  , 

And strolled the orchard.

Ah a magician she was ! 

My orchard bloomed again.

I went on my knees ,

And begged her friendship.

' Oh , I love you dear friend,  she said

And never will i leave.'

My corner of the eye noticed

The carpet healing itself

But worship was what I did

And believed her promise.

Blissfully i slept that day

Under the lovely tree.

Dreams of a soul mate

Woke me up late.

I knocked at the door , 

For never had I thought

Who will take a turn

To call whom first .

A whiff of fragrance met me

Without any sign of her.

Oh , must have gone for a stroll

After all the orchard is beautiful again

There I sat at the doorstep ,

Of the Hut that was my soul

And dawn turned to dusk ,

And dusk to dawn .

The Hut started crumbling , 

And the orchard looked unkempt again !

What to say of me?

I lifted myself up and trudged alone ,

Dragging my dead heart . 

Tears mist my road ahead.

Once i see her through the mist

She smiled and then  disappeared .

When will I come to terms ,

To her absence in life ? 

Did she come to terms

To my absence in her life?

Or was it just her frivolousness !

After all she was but an angel ,

What does she know

How a human heart is wrecked ?

If only she had loved me

Made me a friend for life ! 

But she chose to leave me

With memories till death

If only had she remembered to say

' Bye Forever! '

By Dharmesh Bhuptani

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Dr Sejal Bhvesh Desai
Dr Sejal Bhvesh Desai
Jan 10
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Awesome poem


Jan 10
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Absolutely heart warming poem :)


Jan 10
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It’s beautiful and heart warming!!


Jan 10
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful and deeply thoughtful poem

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