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Portrait Of A Night

Updated: Jan 24

By Yogesh Kumar Pradhan

Alluring is the seraphic 

Darken night sky…

And so is the silence and 

The breeze that passes by

That calms my soul

And soothes me down..

The music echoes loud,

The ambience-hushed around.

The singing of birds at this late hour….

As for a time of peace 

In indolence they scour.

Eternal and unbound is the fantasy

Thay lurks within afar…

Of flying afree ,

Of childish longings to ride the stars 

When the mind is weary and 

The routine feels dire..

It is this peace that the heart truly desires.

It is showering euphoria 

Amid silence without spry…

Such is the beauty of this dazzling night sky.

By Yogesh Kumar Pradhan

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