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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

By Anushka singh

When the heart shatters

At my late-night silence

Voice scattering calmness

Numbs the body to my toe

Terrifying my core

Giving rise to music of soul

Like a ringing the bell of temple of my heart

Evading the sound around us

Leading to sound of a heartbeat

Spearing from you to me

Chilling down from spine to toe

Like walking down on

the path of subtle sadness

Walking on sudden steer of

bits of loneliness

staring through me

Making me remember

the past of gloom

like pinning holes in me

A gentle reminder

of my shared mistakes

like a beautiful memory

piercing my back

Misleading me to believe

about the past happiness again

which only exist in my memories

By Anushka singh

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