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In 120 Seconds I Fall In Love With Cat

By Amol Anil Patil

At hours of daylight,

A cat sits in the van of my dwelling

Her voice “meow…meow…” seems to be greedy,

And by listening, my heart became panicky

I didn’t have milk in my domicile so I provided her a biscuit

But, she didn’t eat it

Now, her greedy voice much louder than the prior

And my heart panicky as well than the prior

Then I manipulate over her backbone by slowly,

By looking at her lovely

Suddenly, the greedy voice stops,

And my heart becomes full of joy

But, I can’t fritter more time with her,

So I had to flee her

As I go far from her, the greedy voice instigate,

And again, my heart grows to be disconsolate

I don’t know what’s going on, her beautiful brownish eyes

was repeating in front of my eyes

But later, I knew the reason and that was,

“In 120 seconds I fall in love with cat”

By Amol Anil Patil

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