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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

By Rajat Sogani

Tip, tap, pitter, patter,

Comes with a swoosh and droplets of water,

Droplets pouring down now and then,

And comes back all around every June end.

How can such tiny drops of water

Change the colour of sky from blue to grey?

I wonder...

A dull monsoon's rainy morning,

The weather reporters sent in a warning.

Lying in the bed watching the almond shaped drops pouring,

All I wish for, is to see the mesmerizing peacocks performing.

How can such tiny drops of water

Purify the air and flourish the earth?

I wonder...

A grimy day

All I need is a cup of coffee and my quilt.

City drenched in small muddy puddles,

Walking on the roads becomes a struggle.

Tiny drops of water stuck around to somebody’s

balcony shutters,

Will they ever drop or just stick around ?

I wonder...

The most pleasant day, sun and rain,

The formation of the rainbow, is just insane!

A magical combination of seven different colours,

And a tropical mixture of monsoon and summer.

A vivid order of colours like Violet, indigo, green and blue

And some other colours like Yellow, orange & red too!

Oh rainbow, oh my dear rainbow,

You make me sit on the window just to watch you glow!

How can such tiny drops of water,

Fuse with the sunlight and create such an organised order of colours?

I wonder..

The pouring of rain might be magical,

But it brings around a bucket full of erosions and damage,

Excess of rain causes the crops to fail,

And brings back the frogs and snails.

How can such tiny drops of water

Damage such an enormous city and flourishing crops?

I wonder..

By Rajat Sogani

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