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By Vinodini Rajan

I look fragile but I have the power to set the world on fire - if I want.

My eyes hide a million secrets;

that sometimes comes to daunt,

When storms come my way, I sometimes flicker like a candlelight,

But always searing and burning bright.

My smile is like a weapon,

Sometimes in flames like a fire- I threaten!

It's like watching a sunrise that gives a new hope,

My silent eyes are mesmerizing - a million thoughts they invoke!

I'm at the crossroads, I don't know what to do next,

I'm afraid to feel the pain again, Ah! everything is so complex.

I stopped dreaming, I'm scared to commit mistakes.

I'm not meant to live the kind of life, when my courage is at stake!

I feel the pain, but I always gather the courage to move on.

Because I am my own strength,

My faith, greater than my fears, made me hang on.

I try to be both a triumph, and a phenomena gorgeously.

I explore new possibilities, but I tread, a tad bit cautiously.

I script  my own chronicle,

I love myself through that process making it audible.

I sow my own flowers, I nurture and cultivate them,

From the squalls that life has to offer, I must protect them.

I usher my own cool breeze, for my spent scorched soul.

I'm hanging by a thread, not letting it go, I will find a foothold.

I'll be my own gold, in my life's own purpose,

that the universe will unfold.

By Vinodini Rajan

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