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From Noon To Noon

By Amol Anil Patil

At a pleasant, calm, cold morning, I wake up prior to set alarm

I'm waiting for my Father's a hunky-dory friend to come

But more then, I was waiting for the girl which is coming with them

I didn't saw her face but still,

'I'm waiting.., I'm waiting...'

The time came, she arrived in the house at noon

I gazed, "a bit faty, cutie and pretty" girl I saw

We looked, smiled, talked a bit

But it required more to become good friend

I gave twist to my mind,

'What to talk? What to talk?'

Then an idea came, I make a plan

I intentionally spread all my writing in front of her,

In such a manner, that she didn't get doubt

The plan succeed, she read all my writings

'And the talk goes on… The talk goes on...'

At night, we again meet after few hours

We were swinging on the hammock,

She take a point of my writing, and I get the chance of talking,

'And the talk goes on...the talk goes on'

On the next morning I wake up before everyone,

Because the girl is leaving by today's noon

I want to wake up her and want to talk with her till noon

At late morning after breakfast,

We start talking about our professional life,

’And the talk goes on... the talk goes on...'

An hour before leaving of them,

We took a photo shot with both families

I was at pain, trouble and heart was full of sorrow and telling

'Please, somebody stop her... Somebody stop her...'

The time came, she sat in the car,

The tear was about to flow from my eyes,

But my heart was tearing too

She swing her hand and said the last word 'bye bye!'

'Please, anybody stop her... Anybody stop her...'

And she leaved, but her face was coming in front of my eyes,

Our gossip was still hearing in my ears

I didn’t know what was going on

But I get the reason that from noon to noon,

'I fall in love with a girl'

After two month we again meet on the special event,

We talked too, we laughed too,

But from this long gossip, I get huge shock too,

That she already have a boyfriend for four years,

'Ohh god! Please somebody save me... Somebody save me...'

But I'm not a suicider, I'm not a murderer

I knew I'm too panic,

But it is better to lay down then to propose this girl

I know she still in my heart, memory,

But I have to elevate myself... Have to elevate myself...

By Amol Anil Patil

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