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Flower Fate.

Updated: Sep 21

By Anushka Mandia

Listening to the flowers I heard,

a dandelion is in love with the bird.

The flowers laughed, his love is out of territory,

sap runs through his heart, blood is what her veins carry.

He does not care, as he waits every morning for her to arrive and kiss him.

He saves, stores, sweetens his love for her, the nectar, till the day gets dim.

She hums, as if she sings to him to bloom with all his might,

to hug her he widen his petals wide.

She is lovely, beautiful, and moves like the waves of a sea.

She is faster, oh! but humble than the proud mighty bee.

He empties his jar of love every dawn she comes.

Oh! You should see her fly, through the flower valley she runs.

All excited, beaming from petal to petal, he will confess to her, he thought today is the day.

But oh fate! One lover just like him, sprinting in love, plucked the dandelion for his beauty and took it away.

He hates this world, he had thorns he wished, but then he was a sweet flower,

symbolized love, that’s why he got plucked, his flower fate he thought he could overpower.

What the tears can do now, he will held the love with him as his story ends, unfinished and blurred.

Listening to flowers I heard another dandelion is in love with the hummingbird.

By Anushka Mandia

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