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By Sahil Dhamapurkar

As everyone says, that we have our soulmate out there, somewhere, waiting for or maybe searching for us and once we meet, we never let go. But what if, the fate have decided something else and you're duped by it... The happiness you're searching for is short lived, the ending of your song is incomplete without your better half, you have relinquished in you're winning battle... You have many sympathy hands but the soothing hands you had are nowhere to be seen, the hug in which you embraced yourself is now just yourself wrapped in an empty blanket, covered in tears, all grumpy asking yourself that... why it wasn't me with whom the incident happened rather than him, why he left me and went so far away that now I can only see him twinkling in the sky... you promised that I'll never let go, you deceived me, leaving me alone to suffer this emptiness of your presence.

By Sahil Dhamapurkar

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