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Don't Give Up

By Riddhi Oza

You know your mind, the evil kind. the more you try to escape, the more it puts your head on rewind

The pain it causes, reminiscing your soul of it’s painful losses tormenting you with unsaid confessions, taking you in a different dimension

You scream, but people call you a brat, you cry and they call you sad you laugh, they call you mad… probably, the world itself is inept!

But listen to me kind stranger, I know it hurts when it hurts, and your tears are seen by me, even if your muffled sobs go unheard the world is busy in it’s own havoc, just like you, even people are stuck in their own chaos! but you have the strength to acknowledge your emotions, you have wits to save a sinking ship in an ocean so you feel what other’s don’t see what other’s blind their eyes to, you understand that life hurts, and it’s okay sometimes to be blue!

Your kindness is a virtue, that your mind wants you to deflect from, the intrusive thoughts are your mind’s ploy something you need to save yourself from close your mind, open your heart see where you were, acknowledge your victory, for you have come so far!

There will be days of loss, there will be days of triumphs! Someday you will feel elated, some day, simply tired! And it is okay, for you try each day and attempts matter more than pain! See yourself as a healer, a fighter don’t give up, you aren’t a victim you are a survivor, a warrior!

Believe in yourself,

let the moon chime in,

deceive the monsters in your head,

and let the phoenix in your soul, win!

By Riddhi Oza

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