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By Shweta Virendra Patel

Your love has never fallen short,

You have been my only support.

For everything that I am today,

Your love has showed me the way.

Every time I look at a twinkling star,

I know that’s You smiling from afar.

You are looking down from heaven above,

Sending out smiles and showers of love.

You gave me hope for a better tomorrow,

Like an Angel guiding me out of my sorrow.

I remember I was the apple of your eye,

And then You left one day without saying good-bye.

Even before You could see me married,

It was your dead body my shoulder carried.

It was You who consoled me in my grief,

And now I am crying alone and there’s still no relief.

No one should ever have to walk this painful road,

Death of a loved one is just too heavy a load.

You were so brave and as I continued to pray,

Then came the day when the angels took You away.

A thousand words won’t bring You back,

I know because I have tried;

Nor will a thousand tears,

I know because I have cried.

By Shweta Virendra Patel

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