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Deep Through The Rain

By Aditi Jasrotia

I looked out of my window it was raining outside

The sparkling noise of rain is taking me on a journey full of silence that guides

Gazing the falling drops as I space out

Into a different dimension where the dreams scout

The stormy thoughts

The windy emotions

The fragile heart and its wounded proportions

The misty fragrance of the wet soil took all those away

It was just me being one with the universe

It was just my soul experiencing the eternal joy

Twinkling nights

And the bright sunny mornings

Carrying the essence of ultimate happiness like a newly arrived spring

Rain giving a reminder of all that is going to happen as it has already happened

And in the karma account no sin will ever be pardoned

Searching for the answers

that are rarely questioned

And i am going up this road with all my persistence

This feeling of repetition and forgetfulness Is making me even question my existence

We all are in a world of cyclic motion

But every now and then we forget its notions

Like the raindrops that meet the sea

I am falling deeper yet feeling so free

By Aditi Jasrotia

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