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Dark Is Light

By Parita Jain

Yes, everything is turning out to be obscure, the colours fading, the life is on the verge of an end, leaving everything behind, begining all new, But it still feel the absence, the absence of whats gone, in the presence of what's being accepted! Yes everything ends, to begin, to begin again, it all seems to be new, but we end up at the same place again and again where nothing's gonna stay permanent, except for us, except for you!

we are always engaged in dimensions, but we reside in a dimensionless plane! Everything which has a dimension is just a mirage! The only plane that resides within us, is the way of life! In this world, the black is not the dark! Its the light which is an illusion! Its just when you realize, when you find yourself in dark, standing in front of you, and everything in the gleam fading out! There you find life, there you find the mysteries of life, life is secret, a deep secret, hidden within us!

By Parita Jain

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