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Blurry Line

By Amrita Jha

A blurry line divides the road,

You want to cross, but you don't;

Sceptical of what lies ahead,

A wonderland or a dead end.

You wish to fly with your wings new-found,

Weights of dilemma pull you down;

You need to choose but you cannot decide,

You're lost amidst what-if, if only, and might.

Go ahead and dive into the sea,

Forget your fears and you'll be free;

You'll be the clouds and the rain,

And the dancing waves as the moon wanes.

There's magic in the wind if you'll believe,

The world's not always what you perceive;

The unsaid ciphers kiss your skin,

While the doubts bind your bones within.

Perhaps someday you will know,

Miracles happen if you just let go;

You'll be drenched with sparkling sunshine,

As you cross the blurry line.

By Amrita Jha

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