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Belle Dame Sans Merci (beautiful lady without pity)

By Kripa Mary

In a noisy room, my eyes rested on woman silently shining,

There was an aura about her, gentle and charming.

Her eyes were a sparkle of elegance,

To my experiences, she a matched resonance.

We bonded through the odds, each other’s knight,

We treaded carving our way, in our plight.

As we talked, I saw her wounds similar to my healed scars,

I pledged, to make her shine like the stars.

My heart saw her my sibling, I placed her above me,

I thought in love, giving was the key.

With time, we lost the sparkle, I was blamed,

I toiled to mend, but it inflamed.

She mirrored my flaws, cried a river,

And foolishly I tamed my heart harder.

She fed me with sweet lies over & over,

We drifted away, the more I tried to bring us closer.

I was drowning in the river of our memories,

But she turned people around into my enemies.

I was blinded by my love, I could not see,

It was her, who gently made me slave and chained me.

She fed the same lies with her glossy lips,

She used people, by her enchanting scripts.

We all meet the vicious ones, that tag us unworthy,

And she’s my belle dame sans merci.

By Kripa Mary

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