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Beautiful Mess

Updated: Sep 20

By Ruhani Banga

she has a few friends,

she looks happy but pretends

she doesn’t talk much,

afraid of her own touch

her heart is broken,

all her wounds fresh and open

she doesn’t even know who she is,

she just knows she’s living two lives

the glint in her eyes is now gone,

moulded into first heartbreak of the dawn

worried society wouldn’t accept her,

on top of her dress, she put on a sweater

took her years to make it work,

and only four texts to break her

she cries on her bathroom floor,

shedding tears she can never restore

she’s feeling things she’s never felt,

things she doesn’t know how to express

and maybe, just maybe…

she’ll always be a beautiful mess.

By Ruhani Banga

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