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Artwork By Rashmi Kalika

This painting is an imaginary painting created by me. As the name of my artwork cleary defines that the universe is protected by our lord Vishnu. He provides peace to the living beings by being our protector. His avatar lord Krishna is climbing up the stairs joyfully amidst all the chaos which signifies that even if there are alot of problems in our life, for once we must shut our background noises and do ourselves a favour, that is we must rest. Give ourselves the peace we need in our lives to move forward. The stairs that krishna is climbing also states that we must go on with our lives happily and living in our present. My painting is all vibrant in colours where our creators are present, that is lord vishnu and his avatar lord krishna. I have added dull colours where there is war as problems always make dull situations in our life. So at the end, we must indulge ourselves with positivity and always find the positive ways through the negative situations in our life and stay happy.

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