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Artwork By Nehal Patel

Updated: Jan 31

Name Of The Artwork: Star of Lakshmi Caption Of Artwork: ‘Star of Lakshmi’ is the star figure used in hinduism to symbolise Ashtalakshmi, the eight forms of wealth. Name Of The Artwork: Panchtatva Caption Of Artwork: The word 'Panchtatva' originates from Sanskrit, meaning ‘Five-elements’. Following the universal law of life, every thing on this planet is composed of five basic elements or the "Panchamahabhutas". These are :  Akash (Sky or Space), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire) and Prithvi (Earth). Name Of The Artwork: Sunburst Mandala Caption Of Artwork: Udaye savita rakto raktashchastamaye tatha, sampattau cha vipattau cha mahatamekarupata' is a famous sanskrit sloka which means that Like the Sun is same red during sunrise and sunset, Great people remain same in prosperity or adversity.

Name Of The Artwork: Floral Harmony Caption Of Artwork: “Vasundhara utpatti sthiti laya hetu” - meaning Nature is the reason behind creation, preservation and destruction.

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Krish Patel
Krish Patel
Jan 10
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