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Artwork By Abeera

"Medium : Acrylic painting Size : 24/36 There is a recurring theme to my work - usually scenes of domesticity and comfort. I keep envisioning this image of a woman that haunts her husband in the form of a sphinx/ghost. She just sits next to him quietly. He also talks to her as he misses her presence, unknown of the fact that she is actually around. I've been carrying this around for years and now I carried it out this way. Losing someone and knowing you're never going to see them again is painful. It's hard to accept you're never going to see their smile, hear their jokes, go on adventures with them, hear their voice and things about them that make them unique. It's hard to imagine them not there anymore. You're never going to be able to feel their hugs and knowing they'll never pick up your call or text you again is heartbreaking. It's a painful and weird feeling. You think about the memories and the good times. It's just a concept that I had in my mind that what if they actually visit us. What if we talk to them and they answer you back!"

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