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By Sanjana K Shenoy

"So, this is it." you tried to say, looking at the empty cereal box soaked in water gushing through the broken pipes, ripped out polaroid of the best days, ink stained half answered worksheets, burnt matchsticks and a bucket list that can never be done. Every twisted emotion inside me was choking on the winds.

I walked two silent steps to match your stand, with one single tear drop rolling down my cheeks, I whispered "not yet. hold my hand and let me walk you

through the tunnel to till the light fades out, let me stay with you till we burn, let me smile at you until every bone of mine dries out and every skin pales away, let me take you through our life and what it could have been. let me part with you this time, just so I can find you in another. it is not the end; it can never be. It is all a loop, everything. We'll live again."

In just two mins, the dark took over, that is not bad though. The winds slowed down and world was quite again.

By Sanjana K Shenoy

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