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An Ode To My Shadow

By Ananya Manglik

I followed you everywhere,

Did everything you did.

While you stood by my side like a beacon,

The one constant where everything else kept changing.

I walked behind you,

A silent support, never straying away.

While you shone a light,

So I could thrive.

Remember when we were young,

And you kept turning back to see if I was there.

And sometimes you’d jump and run faster, laughing,

And I’d be right there, trailing behind you,

Protecting you.

Remember how you’d make me laugh,

With just a flashlight and those puppets

That no one but us could make sense of.

Then you’d stick your hand and just wave.

And I’d wave back,


When you are ever sad,

You can still wave, run and dance,

You can still make those puppets,

And I will still laugh with you.

Just look down.

I promise I will always be there.

You were always there, steadfast and strong,

In all your colors and brightness, you shone,

Being my light,

Just so I could be your shadow.

By Ananya Manglik

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