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An Elegy to the World I Lost

By Apurva Singh

Muse to my “Paradise Lost”

What shall be my epic without your songs

Of the wrath and the glory

Those glistering pair of eyes

Paving my way out of the dark concealment,

vanquished souls and splintered pieces.

Here I lie,

Forever incarcerated.

Now that I feel the roots changing,

No star shines right

The Universe I begged hard enough, is no longer mine.

To this moon, you were the sun

To the land of nowhere shall I carry my darkness now

Where the landscape fades in the bold mist.

I shall grow by the pain I eat and the tears I drink

I shall grow by the ruthless grounds of the obscure land

Distant from glories of the ambitionless.

As a hope that lives, I’ll come to meet you again

Under the same sky, pierced by the trees

Where the flora grins and the air not still

Till then, I lie incarcerated.

By Apurva Singh

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