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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

By Rithika Lyer

Born out of fire and flames

History proudly proclaims

But was caught in life's game

And put to dreadful shame

Was I the reason for a battle so gory?

That is etched upon this land's story

Didn't my respect and glory

Mean anything to the writings of history?

Born with a silver spoon, they say

Oh! How do I convey

That my life paved the way

To a future of gore and decay

Crowned a Princess by birth

But had no voice or mirth

On this land, they call Mother Earth

Covered in jewels to appeal

Cloaked in dresses to reveal

Not one cared about my voice of steel

And pushed me to seal my zeal

The only one I could confide in

Was a man with a charming grin?

He stood by me through thick and thin

And played a song to let out all within

Married to five men

All of who sought the same again

Was I blessed?

Or had no choice but to stay oppressed?

Oh! How fortunate I to have Five mates

If not one, another awaits

Little do they know, life beyond the gates

I don't bother to share

Their names and values so fair

For I am sure you are aware

Of their might and compare

But not a soul did care

For me and my despair

As for them, the war to prepare

Were their love and daily affair.

Oh! My mates, you say, the war was for my dignity

But the truth is that my dignity

Was a cover-up for your bitter enmity?

You say your enemies put me to shame

I say you are equal to blame

A few words of wrath will defame

You and that wretched game

I was gambled away

By my mate that day

For the respect, he lost in worthless play

I was stripped of my wear

In front of all, everyone is aware

But all my mates stood to bare

Their faces in deep despair

Not one flinched to spare

Me and my pride from the vengeful snare

Yes, I hurt a man's pride

And I am worth ruthless deride

But ripping my dress

In front of lust-filled noblesse

Is sinful and horrifying oppress

Guided by a divine light

I gathered all my might

And cursed them all despite

My state and plight

With words so cruel

I marked the beginning of a war and duel

People say I was selfish, so be it

I refuse to kneel and sit

Or accept my disgrace and quit

For thirteen years in exile and away

I patiently waited to avenge and repay

I counted every second and lay

Plotting to trap each and every prey

There is a secret I wish to reveal

But promise to conceal

How I feel

About the man in the golden shield

Yes, I have forgiven him

For I love him to my heart's brim

But cannot forget the act so grim

All while he played the poor victim

For days, the war was at play

Both sides fought to display

Their might to everyone's dismay

I lost my love and kin

Along with all the happiness within

Did I sin?

Only wishing upon my win?

Yes! I won

But what of the lives that came undone

Post the battle that had begun

I lost so much.

Was it worth all the grudge?

I sought to avenge

In blind and cruel revenge.

My mates' consorts

Snarled at me in deep distraught

For my impulsive thought

That put all through misery of a dreadful sort

I thought all will support me

And avenge my plea in earnest glee

For I have been wronged

For years prolonged

I have been alone

For most of my life, I've known

I've sat on a throne

And also been thrown

By all I own

Bearing every shame like a stone

My courage I will never lose

Through time and abuse

But what of all that is dead

Including my future ahead

This is my life

And I will wield my knife

Time and again to fight, to strife

I had pleasures of all kinds

But what resides behind the blinds

Is misery and sorrow that winds and unwinds

I lived on

Every day from dusk till dawn

Patiently waiting to be gone

After years of reign that flew by

My mates and I left to die

While climbing a mountain so high

I fell to my death with a silent sigh

My life, I believe

Was meant to grieve

But all I seek to achieve

Is to let you know my weave

Of the story before, an opinion you conceive

By Rithika Lyer

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