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A Yearning Hope

By Karishma Shingote

This inking you want to say something!

This notion you want to feel everything!

What is it that you yearn,

This obsession that makes you burn

What is it that you seek,

This fantasy you can’t speak

Don't bury these innervations

Don't run away from this persuasion

Accept these aching’s and be open

Spell out the emotions you want to awoken

Don't have any inhibition, not even fear

Don't think of Sin, just be sincere

Let me in, in your mystery, do not hesitate

This warmth you hanker , I can resonate

Just Dance to these unheard tunes

Rev up to these unfamiliar fumes

Your vibe, your eyes desire affection

Open your heart and claim this connection

By Karishma Shingote

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