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A push, my child, is a creator,

A push is which can be predator.

Know what power it holds?

A push in courage creates destiny,

Devoid of care, troubles souls for eternity;

A push of hope can envision a trivial mind,

One with belittling words, destroy character in grind;

It gladdens a life with thoughts heavenly and sweet,

Or destroy dreams like trampling beasts in fleet.

You see dear,

A push makes worthy stand strong,

For money and power are just get along,

And talent more often than not,

Too proud a virtue for most lot.

Don’t care I whether you have these,

Certainly no concern, maybe bit, if you please.

I tell you dear,

Ago my father pushed a simpleton me to survive,

That push created utopia, now which is our hive.

Believe too you in its power,

Push you to bloom dear go be a flower.

You have a beautiful life to spawn,

I push you in hope dear, a push you will thrive on.

By Prashant Magar

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