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A Two Toned Screen

Though the world right now has a different taste,

People rushing to keep up with all the haste,

And in this chaos there's just mere noise and waste.

It's funny, we haven't really spoken face to face,

We haven't even conversed in the very same place,

But your words seem so innocent,

With a yearning to do more than just fade like the evanescent,

Your thoughts, so dense and complicating that they're simple,

Your experiences, though I've known just a few, seem enough to leave a wrinkle or two.

No I haven't stared into the black depths of your eyes,

Or seen the words slip through your lips and realize,

I haven't noticed the subtleties of your expressions,

Nor the mild emotional changes in your pitch or vocal modulation,

I haven't seen the crystalline tears roll down your ivory cheeks,

Or the smile that brings with it the warmth of summer and the excitement of adventure.

All I've seen, is a two toned screen,

White are the words.

Black is the background.

By Jarod Lobo

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