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A Tale Of Strength

By k. Swati Rao

She is a queen with scars unseen

A warrior who's been through battles untold

Her heart may be cold, but her spirit is bold

And she refuses to let anyone hold

She hides her pain behind a smile so bright

And carries on with all her might

But deep inside, she's still that little girl

Whose innocence was taken by a cruel world

No one knows

Inside her bold look

Was a bird whose feathers have been

Teared many times

She was a flower

Whose petals has being touched and pressed many times

No one knows,

She wakes up with

Tears and fears in her eyes

The trauma of her childhood

Still wanders in her heart

For her man is an cruel animal

Who inflicts pain for his happiness

No one knows the battles she fights

The memories that haunt her every night

But still she rises, day after day

And keeps her demons at bay

She's learned to love herself first

And put herself above the rest

For she knows her worth and her strength

And that's what truly makes her the best

So let her be the queen of her own empire

And let her rule with grace and fire

For she's fought too hard to be brought down

And in her kingdom, she'll wear the crown.

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