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A Soldier Speaks

By R.S. Sadhana

Me, in the Army Uniform,

Don’t mean to cause any harm.

Me, at the borders

Work according to orders.

I don’t mean to fight

But I do – with all my might.

I stand at the boundary,

To protect my country.

In front of my brethren I stand,

To safe guard my motherland.

And with every foreign soldier I kill,

My soul falls really ill.

Happy, brave, safe and free

We wish our citizens must be

And so we fire at each other,

Although we’re from the same mother.

Far from home I go,

To treat someone as a foe.

If the countries befriend –

This war will surely end.

Oh God! Give the world harmony – I pray,

Please show mercy and make a way.

By R.S. Sadhana

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