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A Pedestal Too High

Updated: Feb 7

By Banani Sikdar

Can't you, from your celestial abode, return just for a day?

Mother Dear, much have I to ask and as much to say.

Just how did you manage to be what you were?

Virtue and faculty endowed, a woman of sweet flair!

Mother Dear, how could you ever retain your smile?

Even at times, strife torn, purse in paucity, income infertile?

With veiny dorsal, a hand ever busy, ever so skillful !

Intelligence, with ready wit, a stellar were you in social circles.

Your dark, deep eyebrows, never frown-distorted,

A red dot, at brow junction, and

your beauty instantly accentuated.

Could you, Mother Dear, come back to stay just for a while?

I yearn for your voice, to see your serene smile.

Still an apprentice, I seek your magnanimous enterprise,

That a happy home is painted in the color of sunrise!

Long to feel  your palm, soft, plentiful,

on my cranium,

As though, I'm blessed and crowned with the best of Geraniums.

Like the little lamb of Mary, in search of its consort,

Whenever life seems constricted, I miss you, my best comfort.

If we meet again, I, your daughter, your shadow,

Would take a cosy selfie, with the watermark,, I LOVE YOU SO!!!

By Banani Sikdar

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