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A Parable Of My Mind

By Tamal Adhikary

To all smiles which met with no other ,

To the wavers which met with no brandishing,

To all the clamours where I stayed cold,

To all the flakers who made promises bold.

To such “friend forevers” which lost its friendship tone,

To the scorns that were made to facts mind blown,

To all acts of warmth which fueled cold wars,

To eyes that never stalled, such a fault in our stars.

Requests never met, favours never kept,

Flavours of exotic lands our tongues were bereft.

Fingers crossed, no replies came,

Even if they did, fingertips, lingered in shame.

Unseen battles and glories of the past,

Scornful vibes beating round the bush of who came last.

Of the present no one cared, future gave a call,

To live in the present was to live a life that’s small.

My heart said, “ let’s take some rest, lad-

The sky is big but eyes small you had”

“Let the worst set the day for the good to come-

Work for your goals, and the world would be yum!”

By Tamal Adhikary

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