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A Painter's Euphony

By Uday Shah

Leap to your studios and pick up your frames Fix up your canvas and turn on your passions

Place the easel and chalk the design Hold the spatula and prepare the palette

Toggle the angles and dip in your brushes Glide on the crayons and stain with the paints

Blend the violets and merge the aquas Shade the magentas and fade the jades

Count the lines and merge the circles Form the triangles and converge the rectangles

Blend the hots and mix the colds

Highlight the vibrants and blemish the dulls

Use the pencils and sketch with charcoal Perfect the strokes and caress the smudge

Apply the stripper and varnish the faults Pour the grouts and fill the crevice

Spray the glitters and polish the edges Finalize the masterpiece and emboss your sign

Create the imagination and perfect your resolutions Bring them on board and wait for them to be sold

Michelangelo's Moses and Leonardo's Mona Lisa Awaken your artist and paint Raphael's Madonna

Have the precision and burn the passion To become the great and earn the fame! "A picture is a poem without words and creativity needs courage to understand this."

By Uday Shah

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