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A Milestone In Woman’s Life!

By Sneha P Hiremath

A woman stood there with her face beaming with happiness. This woman's life was about to reach yet another milestone, so it indeed was a very significant day. For the special occasion, she chose to don a nice green silk saree. The gajara encircling her hair bun and the half-moon bindi on her forehead only served to highlight how beautiful she already was.

She only needed to take a few more steps to accomplish another tremendous triumph. She moves forward, and with a smile on her face gently bows and folds her hands into a namaste. She moves a few steps further and meets another significant individual. What an amazing sight it was to witness these two individuals together! Both are simple yet so powerful, both have a sense of accomplishment shining brightly on their faces, and both are such elegant and influential individuals!

Neither are these two individuals a couple nor is this a scenario of a wedding. It is always a convention to assume that if a woman is achieving a milestone in her life, then it may be something related to her wedding. But this is not always the case, the woman here was receiving one of India’s highest civilian awards and this is one of the greatest milestones in any Indian’s life! The woman in the picture is Mrs. Sudha Murthy and the second individual described here is Mrs.Droupadi Murmu. The situation described here is of the time when Mrs. Sudha Murthy received the Padma Bhushan award from the President of India, Mrs.Droupadi Murmu.

Seeing these two women achievers in the same frame is such an inspiring sight to so many Indians, especially women. While one is doing social work, the other is leading the country. Though they have different roles and occupations, both are capable of influencing thousands of people and share a common goal of working for the betterment of the country.

This shows the real power of women. It is high time we see women as just being a daughter or a wife, or a mother. She can be more than that. She can be anything from a social worker to the President of the country. It is high time we understand that milestones in a woman’s life are not just limited to getting married or having kids, instead many other accomplishments such as advances in her career or social life are also great milestones of her life!

By Sneha P Hiremath

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