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By Afreen Wahab

Why is the love overrated?

Is the concept of  blending of two souls?

There are billions of us yet we love one

Just the one who blurs out the rest

If you love someone with all your heart

Then why do we hurt the one we love?

Coincidental, uplifting love is rare

One of a kind

And hard to find,

A love where you aren't non-existent anymore

All these white noises starts to make sense

The nerves begins to calm down

Profound inert feelings you feel.

May be it's the cinomatographic visuals,

Made us believe the impossible

Perhaps, we poison it and cry later

The pain that has caused turns it into hatred.

Love is a masterpiece of emotion

where neither of us gets to choose whom we love,

We all just fall into love.

By Afreen Wahab

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