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By Preksha H M

Hope dies,

Emptiness becomes alive,

Hopelessness isn’t just a term,

It’s a failure!

Failure- when you just give up,

And the worst part is,

Sometimes you don’t even know,

Why you gave up?

Why were you even fighting in the first place?

Were you dumb enough to keep hoping?

Or are you dumb to let it go?

And the key to this lock is that,

You were dumb to realise it after so long,

When your heart was too broken to be mended!

It’s okay to hope,

It’s okay to let go too but,

It isn’t okay to realise it too late,

So very late that,

It hurts to hope anymore and,

Hurts even more to let go.

The aftermaths aren’t also very welcoming,

You just give up on,

Everything and everyone, no matter,

Even if it’s worth giving a shot,

You’re just so done!

As its said, tears aren’t necessary for crying,

Words aren’t necessary to break you,

A single look,

A single broken promise,

Can break you in more ways than one.

With it not just hope dies,

It takes away your beliefs and faiths too,

Making you an,

Emotionless emotional mess!!

By Preksha H M

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