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1) Paradigm shift ?

By Aditya Roy

Inception created a pair, emerging into the crisp air.

One supposedly superior, in the words of the creator.

One housed the cradle of life, while the other was key to new life.

A pair of lock and key, as God Set them to be.

A system simple as it would seem,

till on earth, sparse life would teem.

Millennia rolled ideas into dreams, as it bound civilisations with seams.

Adversities pushed men to gleam, rendering women from a river to a stream.

A compromise she made that questioned her power,

left her in fear as she cowered.

As inhibitions were lowered, the disparity of gender was tailored.

Centuries rolled on as power was seized by gender one.

This pushed to the top patriarchy, an inevitable eventuality.

Disparity festered verily as all could see,

into a system placed ineffectively.

Blinded by masculinity and courses of action available in variety,

all he could see were opportunities that let his word reign supreme.

Consequently it was she,

who was deprived of the chance to gleam,

of fortunes that she could weave,

events she wasn’t allowed to see,

a prisoner of the household was she,

to be married off to a man with whom she did not want to be.

Not to mention polygamy,

which allowed him to have as many women as he’d want to keep,

filtered through the sieve of misogyny,

picking women young and lean,

gesturing the less gifted to leave.

A world of inequality,

where even prophecies favoured a he.

Struggles were profound as mental shackles tied her down to the ground.

It made it hard for her to even get around,

for man was but a starved hound,

who was able to make any place his lounge,

as he preyed on the innocent women he found.

By Aditya Roy

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