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Hope Lies Everywhere

By Arlene Nayak

Hope is a bird

Soaring through the air

Perched on the tree of life

Cutting through the clouds;

Of darkness and despair.

Hope is an ant

A little tiny thing

But able to carry lots of weight;

Never stopping for disappointment;

Big in a different way.

Hope is a little plant

Growing between the cracks of life

Shooting up to the sun

Sprouting in the gloomiest of places,

A tiny flicker of green

That grows into a tree.

Hope is a mother

A sign of care and love;

Bringing new joy to the world;

Comfort during tough times

A bringer of a new start.

Hope is a flicker of light

A matchstick in the darkness

A fire in a cold, black, cave;

Lighting up and brightening,

The pathway to happiness.

By Arlene Nayak

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