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You Wage A War Against Them

By Kaushik Raj

You wage a war against them..

Who tries to keep two souls apart..

Your heart is a battleground..

For the love that you want to start.

You fight with all your might..

To break the chains of fear and doubt..

You know that love is worth the fight..

And you won't let anyone cast it out.

You see the walls they try to build..

To keep two hearts from meeting..

But you break them down with every step..

And keep the heart raging.

Love is a force..

That can conquer any war..

And you'll keep fighting for that love..

Even if it's become sour.

For you believe that love is pure..

And can heal the deepest pain..

And you'll keep fighting for that love..

Till it's strong enough to reign.

So keep on waging your war Against the forces of separation..

For true love is worth the fight And deserves your dedication.

And when two souls are finally joined by love's unbreakable bond..

You'll know that all your struggles were worth the road you've gone.

The battles may be long and tough..

But your love is strong, it's enough..

To keep you going, to keep you fighting..

For the love that you are uniting.

You know that love is not just a feeling..

It's a force that keeps you believing..

That anything is possible, if you try..

And with love, you can reach the sky.

So keep on waging your war Against those who try to keep you apart..

For your love is worth fighting for And it will always be in your heart..

And when the war is finally won..

And your love has finally begun..

You'll know that your efforts were not in vain..

And your love will forever remain.

By Kaushik Raj

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