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You Are My Rock

By Stephen Mascarenhas

You lighten me up, oh sweet love of mine

With your presence, everything feels so divine

You bring out the best in me, I shine so bright

I feel like I can conquer any height

Your calm and focused energy

Keeps my mind clear and free

In your presence, I am the real me

Without you around, I cannot be

All I want is to have you near

Your sensational vibe, oh so dear

All I want is for you to stay by my side

With you around, I am on a high, I can't hide

You keep me grounded; you keep me cantered

In your humble embrace, I feel I am mentored

There's nothing more than I ever want from you

Just your love, your warmth, your soul true

Oh, you lighten me up, you are my heart's desire

Your presence sets my heart and soul on fire

I am complete with you standing firm by my side

Together, we know we can conquer any storm or tide.

By Stephen Mascarenhas

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