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By Surya Suresh

The earth in it’s blue shining cradle,

Twirled the wind onto it’s aching lap.

There in it’s lush green stable,

A woman was born in the green entrap.

Look ! chirped the crickets galore,

She is here , she will be blessed.

But alas, said the crow on the door,

Poor thing will all but be impressed.

Why so? Asked the great bald eagle,

Why will she not be impressed.

Why you ask? Said the crow to the eagle,

A life is waiting for her to be suppressed.

Her wits and her brains will never be enough,

Nor her passion or her dreams will matter.

She will always be a one to be rebuffed,

As her wits and glory lay scattered.

Tears and screams will be her companions,

But for the same she will be shamed.

In this world of castles and mansions,

She is a maiden waiting to be proclaimed.

No! said the Elephant in the room,

She has the heart and she has the spunk.

She has the world, one would assume,

Spinning in her hands, peaceful as a monk.

All hell will break loose when she is around,

She wouldn’t care for she will resonate.

Men of the world would want her to be drowned,

But in their chaos will watch her emanate.

Only time will tell, said the brown horse,

What she will be what she will not .

Her birth itself is an old tale in course,

As vibrant as the crescent moon in a knot.

By Surya Suresh

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